Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Randy Poyner: 'A Few More Years'

Longtime Grace Brethren pastor Randall (Randy) Poyner, who has ministered in Goshen, IN; Johnstown, PA; Lansing, MI; Fort Myers, FL; Hagerstown, MD; Little Rock, AR; and Palm Coast, FL, continues his battle with cancer. His wife, Betty, went to be with the Lord in December of 2007 and here, reprinted with his permission, is part of Randy’s update on his current situation. The prayers of friends and colleagues will be greatly appreciated.

“For 23 years I have been battling bladder cancer (discovered in 1987 when I was diagnosed with colon cancer). Cystos & biopsies every 4-6 months over this 23 yr period kept the cancer on the walls of my bladder. But cancer is relentless and it finally invaded the muscle walls of the bladder & began growing outside the bladder. A tumor is growing against my right kidney, causing the kidney to malfunction and shut down.

"Unaware that a tumor was growing up against my right kidney (it couldn't be detected by any scans), I went into kidney failure two weeks ago and emergency surgery was done putting drain lines into my kidneys. That's when the tumor was found.

"The treatment plan is to do chemo once a week (2 hour drip) for two weeks, have a week to recuperate and repeat the cycle nine times and see if we can shrink the tumor & arrest the cancer. My cancer chemo in the past 23 years has been with colon cancer (in remission) & multiple myeloma (in remission). Now it's a new challenge with another cancer.

"I've lived six years beyond expectancy so each day, week, month, and year will be a gift. God may not be finished with my earthly ministry yet. If so, He will prove Himself strong and sufficient on my behalf. Our prayer is to glorify Him and be a witness to His life-changing power.

"Through a mentoring relationship with the top surgeon in our area who is highly respected both as a medical professional and Christian witness, God has opened relationships with the medical community. Dr. Steve Bowers, out of his gratitude for my mentoring relationship with him and his wife, has personally become my medical quarterback and put together one of the finest medical team of specialists who have taken on my medical care. God is allowing me to build personal relationships with these doctors and the opportunity for Dr. Steve and me to share our faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

"Never in all my years has God allowed me to touch the lives of so many people in a local community as well as develop an eldership leadership team in a local church along with mentoring a gifted pastor and his wife. I have been truly blessed. Our prayer is that God will give me a few more years of ministry and complete the legacy of equipping many saints for His glory."



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