Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Apocalyptic Texts Annotated in Book

Dr. Robert G. Clouse, a long-time Grace Brethren pastor in Clay City, Ind., and professor emeritus of history at Indiana State University, Terre Haute has compiled a selection of apocalyptic texts in The End of Days, published by Skylight Illuminations.

He examines key scripture verses, visionary writings from Augustine and other church fathers, accounts of radical millennial movements of the 1600s, sermons from preachers such as Jonathan Edwards and Dwight L. Moody, and current-day popular books including 1970s prophecy sensation The Late Great Planet Earth and the bestselling Left Behind novels.

The book is arranged with accessible facing-page commentary that easily explains the apocalyptic writings, even if the reader has no previous knowledge of Christian teachings on the end times.

The book is available at


Blogger Donald Shoemaker said...

Dr. Clouse is truly a gift of God to the FGBC. Sadly, he is one of our most underutilized scholars.

Don Shoemaker
Grace Community Church
Seal Beach, CA

1:43 PM  

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