Friday, November 10, 2006

Board of Directors Ballots Coming

The following article appears in the "Sharpening One Another" AGBM newsletter which will be arriving to members shortly. Ballots will be forthcoming for the board of directors election.



At the annual meeting of the Association of Grace Brethren Ministers held last July 30 - August 3, 2006, members present for the meeting approved a plan to elect directors and officers by means of a mail ballot sent to all Association members. This action is significant because it sets in motion two historic events.

First, this marks the first time since the Association’s founding in 1894 that members all over the world have been empowered to elect their officers. Until this year, members were required to be physically present at the annual meeting in order to cast a ballot.

Second, this marks the first time that a board of directors has been chosen to direct the work of the Association. Officers have been elected on a regular basis, but they were never supported by a board of directors who were empowered to make decisions on behalf of Association members.

On August 3, 2006, members approved the following nominations to the offices indicated. The term of service for each office is 2007-09.

Joel Richards, of Modesto, CA President
Dan White, of York, PA Recording Secretary
Bud Olzewski, of Rittman, OH Treasurer

Members also approved the following nominations to a future board of directors. The term for directors will normally be three years. However, since the new bylaws require a third of the board to stand for election every year, an adjustment in the length of terms will be necessary. This adjustment is not yet determined since the board is not yet elected.

Ken Bickel, of Goshen, IN
Ralph Molyneux, of Roanoke, VA
Doug Courter, of Hagerstown, MD
Mark Saunders, of Dayton, OH
Terry Daniels, of South Pasadena, CA
Randy Smith, of Sebring, FL
Bob Fetterhoff, of Wooster, OH
Robert Soto, of McAllen, TX
Greg Howell, of Goldendale, WA
Randy Weekley, of Pinellas Park, FL

Ministers who have renewed their membership not later than September 30 may expect a mail ballot to arrive at their addresses before the end of the year. Look for it.


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