Thursday, October 26, 2006

Warren Tamkin: Brethren History Materials Available

Retired pastor Warren Tamkin, now living in Dillsburg, PA, is one of our “senior saint” pastors with a grand history of serving the Lord and serving the Fellowship. He has some Brethren history materials he would like to see put in the hands of someone who would appreciate and use them. Here is a part of his message—contact him at

Well, I will be 81 years old in a week or two (just nine months older than Homer Kent and Bill Smith and we were all raised together in the Washington, D.C. church together).

I have always had a love for history and majored in it in high school, it was my major at American University in Washington, and my Th.M was in church history. So I have a library of history books.

I have always been interested in our Brethren history and have a library of that history with about 30 volumes and pamphlets, and that is separate from a library of GBC materials from 1927 on.

I want to dispose of the Brethren history books and am wondering if you can think of a way of contact with interested men. I am making up a complete list of the books which will be available, and probably would ask for an offer for the lot.

Also, we have several kids at Grace and I may be able through their parents to see them delivered at Winona. I would appreciate any help you might give me in this matter.


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