Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bicycle Boys' Recovery Continues

Pastor Roy Halberg, of the Alta Loma, California, Grace Brethren Church, sends along this update in the wake of the bicycle accident he and Pastor Ed Trenner (Orange, CA) were involved in during the last week's Southwest Focus Retreat:

I am pretty much pain free . . . the cracked rib hurts when I move, laugh, cry, sneeze, cough, etc. but the cracked pelvis only hurts when I put weight on it standing/walking.

The doctor wants me to keep weight off of it for 4-6 weeks. Andrea hopes to tie me down for two weeks . . . she made an appointment for me with the orthopedic doctor on 2/11 and she has hidden my car keys and my bicycle. I had planned on one week resting in bed so we are working on a compromise that will let me get up to preach on the 10th . . . probably sitting in a chair or stool of some kind.

The orthopedic doc will take x-rays again on 2/11 and we will know more about how I'm doing.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers . . . thanks too for your notes and emails. I appreciate it much. Please continue to keep my friend Ed Trenner in your prayers . . . he goes to his orthopedic doc next week to take another look at his arm and is hoping that neither his arm nor wrist are broken.

Thank you, too, for your continued prayers for my family since my father's passing a week ago. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we won't be able to hold services until after mid-February.


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