Thursday, January 17, 2008

AGBM President Gives Updates

Here are a few updates excerpted from the most recent e-mail newsletter update from AGBM president Joel Richards of Modesto, California. If you are not receiving the e-mail updates, click on and ask to be added to the list.

This Year's Membership

After all the dust has settled and dues have been finally paid we have more than 440 members in our Association. The exciting news is that there are 28 new members who successfully completed examinations for licensure or ordination within the past year. These men have received a one-time complimentary membership for this year.

While we are moving toward the ability to pay your dues online, we are still dependent upon the districts to maintain a list of those men who are qualified in your district and to forward them to our office.

Ballots Are In and Counted

All three members who were on the ballot for re-election were confirmed by wide margins: Terry Daniels, Greg Howell, and Ralph Molyneux.

Changes in the prototype bylaws received 94% approval.

40% of members returned ballots.


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