Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tom Julien Gives Treatment Update

Tom Julien, longtime Grace Brethren missionary to France and former executive director of Grace Brethren International Missions, is about 2/3 through an innovative treatment regimen for heart and vascular health. As many have been praying for him and Doris, he provides this update, with appreciation for continuing prayers.

Doris and I have deeply appreciated all the cards, calls and emails assuring us of your concern and prayers for me. This will just be a few lines to give you an update.

As you remember from my previous communications, on July 19 we found that three of my four bypasses were clotted shut. The decision was made to treat this with nitrates and a relatively new procedure called Enhanced External Counterpulsation.

This treatment consists of forcing blood into the heart from the legs, producing collateral arteries. It requires 35 sessions of an hour each, during a period of seven weeks. They are given at the heart center at the Lutheran hospital.

I began treatment on August 2, and have eleven to go. We often stay overnight in the new home of Doris’ sister. Mary Ann and Duwain are in Florida and have graciously given us a key to their home.

The technicians have been very positive about the amount of pressure pushing the blood into the heart, but of course it is impossible to know just what the actual results are, though I have more energy and have experienced almost no angina pains. I will see the cardiologist a week or so after the treatments are completed to see what the next steps will be.

In the meantime I am able to resume a certain amount of activity, and my thankfulness for Doris continues to grow exponentially. Thanks for your continued prayers. We will write after seeing the cardiologist.


Anonymous Dave & Betty Lou Mitchell said...

Dear Juliens,

Betty Lou and I are paying for you both and for the treatments to work. It is amazing what Doctors can do today but even more amazing is what the Lord can do.

We are moving to Warsaw soon and will need to find a good heart doctor...have any suggestions ?

God bless,

4:56 PM  

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