Wednesday, August 30, 2006

John Snow Easing into Retirement at Lititz

Pastor Scott Distler, Grace Brethren church of Lititz, PA, recently noted this in an e-mail to his congregation:

"Beginning September 1, Pastor Snow officially takes a step into retirement by going to part-time for a one-year period and will no longer be over our adult ministries.

"I have asked Pastor Andy Brightbill to put together an 'Assimilation Task Force' whose responsibility it will be fill this gap by looking at where we are today as a ministry when it comes to getting people assimilated into our ministry; then determining where we need to go in this area; and putting together and implementing a strategy to get us there."


Anonymous Pastor Dave Mitchell said...

God bless you John as you plan your "retirement". You have served the Lord well and I consider you a model of what pastors should be. You certainly influenced me both in seminary and in the ministry.

8:56 PM  

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